A New Project

October 11, 2006

My first real post on this blog, “200 Words of Written Vomit” was not and is not what this site will hopefully grow to be. For years I’ve avoided a collection idea that has been twirling around in the back of my head, and it’s time to just sit up and write it. See, every picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. I am setting out to prove that. Each post will contain a photo, either of my own taking or credited to someone else, on which I will base a story of exactly a thousand words. It’s a project a started a few months ago before my photographic collaborator left the project (ok, ok, so he was the subject of my last post). But it’s time I got underway again. It’s time I actually did this.


200 Words of Written Vomit

October 11, 2006

Her fingers fly deftly over the keys in an attempt to keep up with the thoughts in her head. Sentences no one will ever read pour onto the screen, to be deleted moments later. She’s writing him out of her life, giving voice to the fantasies that have been in her head for the last month in an effort to purge them from her consciousness.

It works only fractionally.

She knows she will wake up tomorrow and think of him. Maybe not right away, but something in her day will trigger it. She writes down the dialogue she would have with him were she to run into him on the street. She writes the witty repartee that would occur should he waltz into the bar with the girl she is certain he is bound to date next. She describes the scene in which she’s happy and over him and his existence is nothing but a mere footnote in the story of her life’s experiences.

The written throw up stains the page with bitterness and longing. Were she writing in pencil the instrument would have splintered under the weight of the emotions. Instead the “e” key is sticking just a little.

Someday …

July 30, 2006

Someday soon this blog will serve as a place to track my most recent writing project. Until that happens, check out my personal blog at Miles From Fenway